About Us


Our strengths lie in expertise and innovation in the development of

high quality products and innovative solutions for the most diverse

and demanding Fields of Business.

In addition to plant and RIG operators, our customers also include leading companies undertaking installation and piping construction both onshore as well as offshore & subsea.


For many years MS4C and Petro Tools GmbH (Ring Joint Master) work closely together.

Petro Tools is responsible for design, development and manufacturing of the Lobster.

MS4C takes care of the global Marketing & Sales, Warehousing and Logistics of the GIT Lobster.

MS4C maintains a worldwide distributors network for promoting and selling the gasket insertion tool Lobster.   

Petro Tools and MS4C

are committed to complying with health and safety regulations with regards to all aspects of its tooling design and manufacturing.

MS4C is specialized in vulcanization, seals, engineering rubber & plastics and various handling tools.

MS4C's manufacturers are parties that have already been active for some time in their specialist area.

MS4C and its manufacturers rely on over 30 years of professional experience within a wide variety of industries and applications.

MS4C is a flexible organisation which guarantees:

- Rapid engineering

- Short lead times

- Short time-to-market

- Favourable pricing

- High quality

- Fast delivery times

- Just-in time deliveries

- Worldwide deliveries

- Good service

- Reliable storage of goods

- No minimum product purchase

- No minimum order value

- No costs per order line


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Sealing solutions

Gasket Handling tools

Engineering plastics & rubbers